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9 Amazing Diabetes Fighting Drinks

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In this video, we will look at the 9 of the best diabetes-fighting drinks and what drinks you must avoid at all costs! Plus you’ll hear the story of how one man drastically reduced his diabetes symptoms through a few small changes.

The Top 9 Drinks for Diabetics

9. Water
Water has no calories or carbs, and drinking enough may help to lower blood glucose levels. It is the best way to stay hydrated.

8. Green Tea
Green tea comes out on top as being the healthiest tea. It reduces inflammation and lowers the risk of cellular damage.

7. Vegetable Smoothies
Vegetables in your smoothie will help to keep sugar levels within a healthy range. These add a healthy dose of fiber, which is vital for diabetics. Kale and spinach are the best when it comes to balancing blood sugar and fighting diabetes.

6. Pomegranate Juice
Pomegranate is low in the glycemic index and offers several health benefits for diabetics. It is full of phenolic compounds which help to control weight.

5. Sugar-Free Sports Drinks
These are electrolyte drinks that keep your brain, nerves, and muscles going after an active physical activity. Some contain natural ingredients, which are the best option.

4. Coconut water
Coconut water is a sweet, low-calorie drink that has many health benefits. It has a natural electrolyte balance that helps with hydration, plus potassium and magnesium which are important for muscle function and nerve signaling.

3. Coffee
Coffee has been shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s – when consumed in moderation. It also contains trace amounts of nutrients such as magnesium and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Red Wine
Red wine may reduce your risk of heart disease if you drink a glass a day. It can increase your good cholesterol levels while lowering the bad. This also contains polyphenols that may help to improve your fasting blood sugar levels.

1. Chamomile tea
Drinking chamomile tea can offer a powerful improvement for controlling blood sugar and insulin levels. It’s also a natural source of antioxidants helping to fight oxidative stress which can lead to a number of diabetic complications.

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