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Diabetic Friendly Salad Recipe

Do you find yourself looking for Diabetic Meals?

It is not so easy when you are on a strict diet, not yet to say living with diabetes. Today we share a great diabetic friendly salad recipe where you can make a quick meal and stop that hunger getting the better of you.

I love how quick and easy this lunch salad is to make, it took me 7 min and it was on my table.

If you are looking for more great meal ideas, we have added a link further down this page to a website that share 14 Diabetic-Friendly Recipes That Are Healthy And Delicious. I am going to try the Mixed fruit shrikhand this afternoon.

Read more below and share your Diabetic Friendly Recipes with us! 

After the insulin shots, the biggest headache for diabetics is food. Finding recipes that are tasty, healthy and diabetic-friendly can be quite a challenge. So we asked nutritionist Tara Murali, Diabetacare to help us out.

Here’s what she told us……..

Diabetic Friendly Salad
Egg White Salad Image By PoorGirlEatsWell

Serves: 1

• 2 boiled eggs
• ¼ cup sliced onion…..

Salad dressing
• 2 tbsp curd…

• Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks….

Nutrition values per serving
• Energy: 50 kcal
• Carbohydrates: 6 g
• Protein: 10 g
• Fat: 2 g
• Glycaemic Load: Low

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