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Diabetic Masala Dosa | 8GL Instant Dosa Recipe | Diabetic Meal Ideas by Diabexy

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Diabetic Masala Dosa | 8GL Instant Dosa Recipe | Diabetic Meal Ideas by Diabexy

Here we are to explore how to make tasty and healthy low carb and glycemic load recipes especially for diabetic patients on this YouTube channel " Diabetic Meal Ideas by Diabexy". You don't need to sacrifice taste if you have diabetes, you just need to explore options. You will find lot videos on diabetic friendly foods or snacks, breakfast options for diabetics, diabetes diet and food tips, diabetic food products, diabetic diet meal plan etc. We are trying hard to deliver more and more healthy alternative for diabetic patients through these Diabexy Recipe videos.

There are many diabetic patients who like dosa instead of roti or paratha especially south Indians. So here we are with an instant masala dosa recipe which can be a perfect breakfast for a diabetic person. Glycemic Load of the recipe is just 8.

Protein Pack Diabetic Friendly Dosa

Ingredients :
Diabexy dosa mix-50gm
Water-50 ml
Diabexy Mineral salt-1/2 tsp
Mix all together and make a smooth batter.

For Rasam

Tomato-100 gm
Tamarind 5gm (soak it in the water for 15 min)
Curry leaves
Diabexy Mineral salt as per taste
Haldi powder
Chilli powder
Chopped coriander

For grounded masala

2 pods of garlic,
green chillies (1),
few curry leaves,
cumin seeds,
black pepper

Recipe :

Heat the kadai then add ghee.
Add 1 tsp mustard seed and some curry leaves.
Add grounded masala and stir it.
Add Tamarind & tomato mix immediately.
Add Mineral salt and cover the lead.
Cook it for 10 min on slow flame .



Grated coconut-40 gm
Cashew 1 pod
Cumin seed -1/2 TSP
Green chilli -1
Mineral salt
Small ginger

Blend all together.

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