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How Many Insulin Leaves A Day To Cure Diabetes | Dr. SGV Satya

How Many Insulin Leaves A Day To Cure Diabetes | Dr. SGV Satya #InsulinLeaves #DrSGVSatya #CureDiabetes

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How do you take insulin leaves?
How many insulin leaves a day?
Is insulin plant safe to drink?
Which leaf can cure diabetes?

Insulin plant (Costus Igneus) is useful to treat diabetes and is a very commonly used in INDIA.

Costus Igneus also known as Insulin Plant (Chamaecostus cuspidatus) is known for its medicinal properties. It is helpful to treat Type-2 diabetes. The plant is known by varieties of a name in different parts of the world. Some call it tabubungiaw while some call it spiral flag.

The leaf of the plant helps in producing insulin. They control the blood sugar levels of our body. The leaves of Insulin Plant contain corosolic acid which helps to generate insulin thereby treating diabetes.

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