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POORI SABJI Recipe for Diabetic Patients | Glycemic Load just 5 | Diabetic Meal Ideas by Diabexy

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Here we are to explore how to make tasty and healthy low glycemic load recipes especially for diabetics. You don't need to sacrifice taste if you have diabetes, you just need to explore options.

This festive season enjoy these low glycemic load POORI's even if you have diabetes. The approximate glycemic load of the recipe would be just 5.

Ajwain Poori

1. Take 50 gm. Diabexy Atta.
2. Add some Ajwain to it.
3. Add salt to taste.
4. Add warm water & make a dough for poori.
5. Once dough is ready, cover it with a lid for 5-10 min.
6. Then take small portion, and make them balls.
7. And role them to make like chapati.
8. Cut them to give the round shape with a shark edged katori.
9. Take Ghee / oil in a kadhai.
10. Deep fry the poori until it turn brown.
11. Serve it hot with vegetable curry & diabexy atta halwa.

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