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Top 10 Low-Carb Pasta and Noodle Alternatives For Diabetics

Yes, there ARE satisfying pastas available which won't wreck your blood sugar!

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Pastas and noodles sound carb-heavy, but did you know that there are low-carb, nutrient-rich alternatives? Discover 10 of the healthiest and most delicious noodle replacements, and learn how to include them in your normal diet!

1) You can find pasta made from kelp! This seaweed pasta contains over 70 minerals, vitamins, and digestive enzymes. Kelp is low carb, and is an excellent source of iodine, which has been shown to lower inflammation and aid heart health.

2) Soba noodles are made from buckwheat, but while they're high in carbs, they contain a good amount of fiber and protein. They're also an excellent source of manganese, which has been shown to lower the risk of diabetes.

3) Black bean noodles will supply a great amount of fiber. Research shows that these noodles can aid eye health, lower "bad" cholesterol, and reduce post-meal glucose levels.

4) Eggplant can be used to create lasagna noodles! It's low-glycemic, and high in fiber, making it an excellent glucose-lowering veggie. It also contains powerful vitamins and protein.

5) Carrot noodles can be created easily, and they'll supply the antioxidant beta-carotene. Carrots have been shown to help lower blood pressure and aid with glucose control.

6) Spaghetti squash is low-GI, and full of nutrients, including beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, folate, and calcium. 1 cup of squash noodles can contain 10 grams of carbs but also 2 grams of fiber.

7) Zucchini can be used to create "zoodles," or zucchini linguine. 1 cup is only 20 calories, and it has an excellent carb-to-fiber ratio. It's also loaded with nutrients, including potassium, manangese, folate, and phosphorous.

8) Cabbage is a non-starchy vegetable, so it makes for a great noodle option. Cabbage contains over 25 vitamins and minerals, and these noodles will supply an excellent source of protein. Cabbage has been shown to aid with heart health, gut health, and cancer risk reduction.

9) Onions can be utilized to create noodles as well! Onions may not be extremely low-carb, but they'll supply a good amount of fiber, along with potassium, vitamin C, B-vitamins, and folate. Studies show that eating red onion regularly can reduce fasting blood sugar.

10) Shirataki miracle noodles really are miraculous, as a serving only contains 20 calories, but 6 grams of fiber. They're made glucomannan, a soluble fiber, which can help slow digestion and reduce the risk of blood sugar spikes.

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